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Specifically designed to give the small business owner a competitive edge!


Artifically Intelligent

We use the most powerful defenses for your computer, currently being used by only large enterprise organizations.

System Monitoring

Receive alerts whenever your computers are in danger.  From failing hard drives, to dangerous malware, you will know what you need to know, when you need it!


You data is protected from accidental deletion, corruption or theft.  Now you can sleep at night knowing your vital business documents are safe and secure.

Comprehensive Protection!

We can monitor and secure all of your devices: computer, servers, laptops, tablets, even your smart phones.

The most powerful online system on the market, designed to ensure that your computers and servers are safe and secure not just from viruses and malware but from software and hardware vulnerabilities and a host of threats not addressed by the competition. We leverage artificially intelligent services to ensure that your systems will be safe and just work!!

We make your life easier so you can do what you do best! In the event of an emergency we can let seasoned technicians access to your computers and quickly resolve your problem.

Can you really afford not to use it?

"It's better than sliced bread!"

Donald Trump
President of the USA

"The greatest thing since sliced bread. "

Barack Obama
President of the world

"I have gone from the office weakling to its tech super hero!"

Sona Metz
President of what's important

More is coming soon!

This is just the first of many powerful and yet elegant solutions that will give your business a competitive edge!


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